Enhancing Fair Play: The Integration of Blockchain Technology in Online Gaming

Enhancing Fair Play: The Integration of Blockchain Technology in Online Gaming

Provably fair gaming is a buzzword echoing the online gambling industry. From platforms such as https://vulkanvegas.com/th to forums such as Twitch and YouTube, provably fair gaming is a word you’ll occasionally run into. But beyond the word, how does it ensure you have a fair gaming experience? This is what we want to look at in this article. You’ll learn how provably fair technology and RNG software ensure a fair gaming experience online. 

What Is Provably Fair Casino Gaming?

The best way to describe a provably fair gaming is the ‘gold standard’ for fairness regarding online casino gaming. This technology allows you to verify the outcome of the game wasn’t skewed to favour the casino. By using cryptographic algorithms, both the online casino and the player generate random values, which, when combined, determine the outcome of the game. At the end of the game, players can use a third-party tool to check and verify that the game went well. Simply put, this technology ensures players can check that every spin of reels, roll of dice, and card draw is truly fair.

The Basics of Provably Fair Gaming

To the regular player, provable gaming might sound complicated. However, once it’s broken down, you’ll realize it’s a pretty basic system ingrained in transparency. This section looks at the mechanisms behind provably fair gaming that warrant fairness. There are three elements as far as provably fair gaming is concerned. This includes the client seed, server seed, and nonce. They are responsible for determining whether you’ll have a fair gaming experience. Let’s explore more details: 

  • Client seed: This is more like your personal touch to the game’s results. It’s a random number generated by the device you are playing with (smartphone or PC). 
  • Server seed is generated by the online casino’s server. It is the casino’s contribution to the game. For the sake of transparency, this seed remains hashed (or hidden). After the outcome, it is revealed so that you can verify the outcome was genuine.
  • Nonce is a counter that increases every time you play the game. To best understand it, imagine it as a tally mark that tracks the number of times you have played the game while ensuring every round is unique and cannot be replicated.

After the hashed seed has been revealed, you can then copy and paste it into the field, which allows you to check for provable fairness. The game is accurate if the ‘client’ and ‘server’ seeds match. If they are not similar, the game’s outcome is altered. 

Which Instruments Ensure Fairness Is Achieved

Provably fair technology is just a part of the system that ensures you have a fair gaming experience. The other parts that ensure a fair gaming experience include the following:

  • Random number generators (RNGs): A Random Number Generator is software that ensures the game’s results are 100% random and unpredictable. The software randomly generates millions of numbers per second, where each number represents an outcome. When you hit the ‘play’ button, one of the numbers is randomly picked to represent the outcome of a game. The fact that these numbers are randomly generated in the millions makes it impossible for a player or casino to predict the outcome of a game correctly.  
  • Seed generators: These are only available in games with provably fair technology. They are further produced by these RNGs, which further makes the game’s outcome random. 

Is It Possible to Alter Provably Fair Games?

Each provably fair bet you place is associated with a unique set of encryptions, which you can audit after placing your bet. Modifying these encryptions is a difficult task since both the casino and the player contribute to the game’s outcome through the service and client seeds. If there is any foul play, it will stand out during the verification process. The blockchain technology used in these games further makes it difficult to alter the outcomes. This is because they are not just saved but embedded into the encryptions. 

Trust Redefined With Provably Fair Games 

As blockchain technology continues to become popular, players in the iGaming industry are increasingly understanding its importance to the industry. While the technology might not be familiar to all players, the best Bitcoin casinos ensure players have a transparent gaming experience. You can rely on their integrity to deliver a fair gaming experience or settle for the convenience of provably casino games. Ultimately, provably fair casino games offer you plenty of advantages – a fair and transparent gaming experience that is open to scrutiny. 

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